Yoga Schedule


Hot 1   All Levels / 105 degrees / No Music

The classic "Hot 26" poses that you love, practiced in the high heat!

Hot 1.5   All Levels / 103 degrees / No Music

A unique sequence designed by Bethany Vaughn to bridge the gap between Hot 1 and Power 1 classes, with a focus on power poses and a gentle introduction to the flow style.

Power 1   All Levels / 101 degrees / Music

A Vinyasa flow style featuring sun salutations and sequencing designed to focus on different goals, always challenging and restorative, leaving you feeling strong and refreshed. 

Lunch Crunch All Levels / 101 degrees / Music

Lunch Crunch is a Power 1 class with a focus on the abdominal region of the body. We flow for an hour to music for that perfect midday yoga class.

Power 2   1 Year Experience Recommended  / 103 degrees / Music

Red Hot Yoga's signature class is a powerful Vinyasa flow that goes deep into challenging poses, Pranayama, and some meditation, with a focus on the connection between the poses and their connection to your life.